10 Droolworthy Breakfast Ideas

I live for breakfast.

I go to bed every night perusing Instagram and Bloglovin’ in hopes of finding the perfect breakfast for the next day. Not weird at all. So I  thought I’d do something a little diff today. Is it just me, or have there been a ridic amount of foodgasmic breakfast recipes posted lately around the blogosphere? I literally sit on Twitter and drool. Fluffy pancakes, crisp waffles, eggy bakes….gahhhhh I can’t even handle it!!!


1.  I’ve made these whole-wheat pancakes so many times. It’s my go-to recipe (I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk) because they’re so easy to make and super fluffy. I usually add blueberries, but chocolate chips paired with pure maple syrup and a pat of buttah is heaven on earth, too. I made these last week along with a homemade blueberry sauce and it knocked my sauce off. First, I brought a big handful of frozen blueberries and a bit of water to a boil. Then I let it simmer and added about a teaspoon of chia seeds and a bit of cornstarch. Pour it a splash of pure maple syrup and then let it simmer a bit more till it’s thickened to your liking. Heaven, no??

2. These coconut raspberry waffles with coconut whipped cream…I mean are these even real?? So much goodness on one plate. You know my obsession with coconut. If you haven’t tried coconut “whipped cream,” you REALLY need to. It’s life-changing.

3. I had to put one of my own recipes on this list, right? This tomato, basil and kale crustless quiche couldn’t be easier. Plus, it’s been pinned over 2K times so you know it has to be kind of good. It’s a great way to sneak in the queen of greens, all hidden in eggy goodness. This is awesome for a crowd, too. And hey, a little cheese  on top probs wouldn’t kill anyone.

4. This piña colada breakfast shake is so fab because it combines hearty oats, pineapple and yummy coconut all into one delicious smoothie. I’ve also tried her Mexican chocolate breakfast shake and it’s definitely a winner. It actually keeps me full, which is no small feat.

5. I’ve been drooling over these banana bread almond flour pancakes for weeks now. Pancake perfection. Almond meal and nanners make them super moist, plus they’re gluten-free heyyyyyyyy. You should really consider making a huge batch of pancakes and freezing the leftovers. Pancakes for breakfast = best thing ever.

6. I could drink this iced mocha green monster smoothie for days. I love love love that it’s sweetened with dates. Sometimes I want a slightly sweet iced coffee without a bazillion grams of sugar in it (that’s you, Starbucks).  Yesterday I got an iced coffee from Cup O’ Joe and literally couldn’t sleep all night…so drink at your own risk.

7. How dreamy are these vegan carrot coconut pancakes? Am I talking too much about coconut in one post? Sorry. Light and fluffy little cakes topped off with extra coconut and pure maple syrup….die die die.

8. Say this five times fast: crunchy quinoa baked oatmeal with caramelized strawberries and toasted coconut. Oops…I guess coconut happened again. I mean you really can’t go wrong with caramelized strawberries and toasted coconut.

9. This girl wrote a whole book about pancakes, so you know they’re good. Coffee pancakes are like the best of both worlds. I would prob try to do half whole-wheat flour with these cuz I’m annoying like that.

10. I’ve saved the best for last. Grill your sandwich is a WAFFLE MAKER. How genius is that idea? Stuff it with almond butter, jelly, coconut, bananas, honey, strawberries or whatever for the ultimate grilled breakfast sandwich. Crispy waffley perfection.

Oh and if you’re not feeling any of these, berry crisp for breakfast is totally acceptable, too. See you all Tuesday for a delish recipe!



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      I still haven’t actually tried those carrot pancakes but they just look so darn good that I had to put them on there! Let me know if you try :)

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    breakfast gets me up in the morning and its what I think about during the last mile of every early morning run, love love love!

    This sentence.

    “I would prob try to do half whole-wheat flour with these cuz I’m annoying like that.”

    I laughed out loud, still laughing. Because we are the same person.
    Happy weekend!
    Robyn @thereallife_RD recently posted…If it ain’t broke…My Profile

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      You’re very welcome! Love your peach breakfast post, especially the idea of slathering whole-grain toast with almond butter, sliced peaches, honey and flax! Genius.

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    Good gawsh…I could have some of those banana bread almond pancakes now…maybe a coffee pancake too…ooh… and a vegan carrot coconut one too….wash them all down with a pina colada breakfast shake – yum!
    Thanks for all these great links – now I am gonna go and wipe the drool off my face :)

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