Stuff I’m Loving Lately

Soooo much stuff to love, ya know?


This Califia Farms almond milk is still on sale at Whole Foods and it’s suuuuuper tasty. Like uber creamy and bursting with true vanilla flavor. It has three grams of sugar per serving (most brands have 7-15 grams), so it’s perfectly sweet for me. This lightened up granola  + that almond milk…can’t even.

Ceramic ice cream cones? Leave it to Anthro. I want.

These Dole banana dippers. They totally satisfy my dark chocolate cravings, which can be big and scary at times. TJ’s sells a similar version, but they aren’t pre-portioned so I eat like the whole bag in one sitting. No bueno. They’re basically 4 little chocolate covered banana bites with 100 little calories and 4 big grams of fiber. I’m into it.

I just finished The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman. I absolutely adored this book. It’s a wonderful yet terribly sad  love story set in the Holocaust. We all need to be reminded of how fortunate we are once in a while. A must-read.

This hippie loaf. I’m kind of a hippie (in the food department at least) and this loaf fits the bill. I used this sweet apple glaze on top instead and added a bunch of salt and pepper to the loaf as well for extra flavah. Paired with some peas…Mmmmm. Made the whole apartment smell like Thanksgiving.

I’m still digging the whole homemade dressing thing. This week I’m loving this raw apple cider vinaigrette. Totally makes you eat more salad, guaranteed.

Dying over these flourless chocolate chip zucchini oat brownies. It’s like happy meats healthy. I need healthy baked goods considering I’ve been eating massive amounts of them. Thanks a lot, double chocolate avocado ice cream.

If you have a boyfriend, you should probably make these whole-wheat buffalo chicken shells and cheese for him. If you are single, you should probs make it for yo’self. I’ll take mine sans chicken, por favor!

Superfood of the Week on the lovely SELF magazine nutrition blog is whole-grain pasta, featuring recipes from three of my favorite food bloggers. PS–notice my name is on the bottom of the posts now? Eeeeeek!

I honestly think Brickhouse Cardio Club’s body pump classes are making a difference. I  really do feel stronger, and one of my besties even said she noticed my arms looked more toned! She was probs just yankin’ my chain, but either way, these classes are awesome and if you live in Cbus you should check them out.

That’s all byeeeee.


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      Welcome, Shashi! I think I’ve tied Barilla plus, but I try to stick to the simple 100% whole grain kind without adeed fiber and stuff :) Have a great weekend!

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    Flourless chocolate chip zucchini oat brownies- talk about a mouthful to say although I sure will be clicking over! You had me at chocolate…and hey, using zucchini and oats must make it a superfood right ;)! Good tip about using apple cider vinegar in salad dressings- definitely a nice switch from balsamic!

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