Snickerdoodles and Face Masks

I just made the BEST cookies.

Jessica, you are somethin’ else.

Snickerdoodles aren’t even the cookies I think of when I imagine delicious fluffy clouds of heaven; but let me tell you, these blew me away. Soft, puffy, chewy, sweet cinnamon addiction.

Let’s talk holiday baking.  When I’m not using coconut oil to take off my eye-liner,I’m using it in these fabulous gluten-free almond butter chocolate cookies.  I love these chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, these red velvet chocolate chip cookies and these chocolate chunk cookies, too.

When I’m not stuffing my face with snickerdoodles, I’m enjoying salads with Trader Joe’s pre-cooked lentils, TJ’s pre-cooked beets, a bit of goat cheese and balsamic.

If you’re smart, you’ll use the leftover lentils to make lentil veggie mac and cheese. You’d never guess that adding vegetables and lentils to macaroni and cheese could be so darn delish.  Mmmmmm.

I also stuffed my face with chocolate chip cake muffins, which I’ll post about later this week.  What happened is that Nikki would cut off a sliver, then I’d cut of another sliver, and then I’d eat another entire muffin.  My strategy of only eating the leftover half always fails.

Let’s talk chocolate. This dark chocolate is serious.  It tastes like red wine and coffee and dark dark dark chocolate all rolled into one.  It’s bitter, fruity, deep and addicting.  At 85% cocoa, you’re really getting the most antioxidant bang for your buck.  Since an ounce of dark chocolate a day is proven to lower blood pressure, indulge your heart out.

If you love quality dark chocolate, you need to buy this ASAP.

Did you know it’s Sunday face mask day?

Now the girls and I are rocking out Mayan face masks with clay and apple cider vinegar aaaaaand perhaps some homemade lip scrub because we’re fancy pants like that.

There’s nothing  quite like Sunday funday snickerdoodle bellies and scary clay faces.


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    Despite my love for choc chip cookies, I will admit that snickerdoodles are the BEST holiday cookie …and those like pillows of heaven! I would rock those face masks for a cookie or 2 ;)!

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