My Almond Butter Obsession

When I go to the grocery store (which is like every other day), I pretty much always get the same things.


Spinach, apples, pears, bananas, avocados, bell peppers, kale, almond butter, almond milk, eggs, wild salmon, tuna, beans, frozen berries, Ezekiel bread, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, tofu, tempeh and sweet potatoes. That’s the usual. Today I happened to get a bag of chia seeds–living on the edge, here.

I know the foods I’m obsessed with and the ones I can’t live without.  No one can live without these dark chocolate almond bark thins–that’s fo sho.


For some reason, even though I always know exactly what I’m buying, I still spend ridiculous amounts of time at the grocery store. I stare at labels for way too long and ponder all the sugary treats that I stare at and never actually buy. I know what dark chocolate bars I’ll end up buying, but that doesn’t stop me from reading the ingredients of twenty other bars just to make sure I’m choosing the best one.

There’s definitely a long list of staples that are always in my pantry/fridge, but today I want to put the spotlight on almond butter. It’s versatile, deliciously creamy and incredibly healthy. It deserves a post of its own.

Did you know almond butter is SELF’s superfood of the week? Click here to learn why! Fun fact: studies show that dieters who snacked on almonds daily shed 62 percent more weight and more than half the fat than those who didn’t.

Let’s all get skinny from almond butter. Starting now.

Almond Butter


Trader Joe’s raw creamy unsalted almond butter is hands down the most delish almond butter, ever. Period. Kapeesh?

I recently bought a creamy roasted one from Whole Foods and let me tell you–I love WF, but the roasted one just doesn’t compare and their raw version costs something ridiculous. The roasted one doesn’t have that perfect natural sweetness that makes the raw one so fabulous. That’s why I used up the roasted one to make almond butter and jelly bars (recipe coming soon–prepare to die).

I especially love almond butter on Ezekiel toast with sliced banana and cinnamon. Best snack ever.


You can find almond butter starring in lots of my recipes, including:

Paleo Almond Butter Zucchini Bars(my most pinned recipe)


Almond Butter Broccoli Stir Fry


Snickerdoodle Smoothie (my fave smoothie)


Blueberry Almond Smoothie

blueberry final

Oatmeal Cold Cereal


Spread some on toast, throw a tablespoon in your smoothie, add it to a stir fry, or eat it on a spoon with dark chocolate chips. Whatever way you serve it, it’s guaranteed to please.

My favorite way to enjoy almond butter is slathered on pancakes. Make a batch of these pancakes, spread on some raw almond butter and top with frozen mixed berries nuked in the microwave for a minute. It’s literally my favorite breakfast, hands down. I go to bed so excited for it that I can barely fall asleep. Thank God for melatonin.

Here are a few more delish looking homemade almond butter recipes from around the blog world if you don’t have a jar or three sitting in your fridge already:

  1. Maple cinnamon almond butter
  2. Espresso almond butter
  3. Dark chocolate macaroon toasted almond butter
  4. Sun dried tomato almond butter
  5. 4 ingredient dark chocolate almond butter (I’ve made this and it’s great!)
  6. Almond Joy Butter 

Oh yeah–and these chocolate chip almond butter cookies are pretty unbelievable, too.


Peanut butter is so last month.


  1. says

    Hi Alexis! I love your blog and all your recipes. I can relate to spending a ridic amont of time grocery shopping! I literally do the same. I always know what I’ll end up buying, but I check other products to make sure I’m choosing the best ones hahaha. Can grocery shopping be considered a hobby? Because I think it is, at least for me! No shame.
    Virginia recently posted…Arugula, Walnuts & Roquefort SpreadMy Profile

    • says

      Hey, Virginia! Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m so relieved to know I’m not the only one who spends all day Sunday grocery shopping :) Grocery shopping should definitely be considered a hobby. Maybe even a profession! I could totally be a kick-butt profesh grocery shopper.

  2. says

    Don’t hate but PB is still my number 1! I’ve only ever tried the Blue Diamond Almond Butter which was great but I’m thinking I should branch out and try some other varieties…or perhaps even make some! Have you ever tried hazelnut butter?

    • says

      Hahah peanut butter and I still love each other, don’t worry! There are definitely times that I want that peanutty flavor and almond butter just won’t cut it. The closest thing I;ve had to hazelnut butter is Nutella…ehh…does that count? I made homemade 4 ingredient dark chocolate almond butter from Oh She Glows and it was ridiculous! So tasty and easy.

  3. says

    I love almond butter… I made it at home once and it was delicious.. better than the store bought version I bought (barney butter). have you tried it? They say it is the best, but I never tried TJs. I’ll take your word for it and get one next time. I think the homemade almond butter is so much creamier though.. and flavorful. I have to try your most pinned dessert, looks fab.
    You should try PB&Company’s Bees Knees PB… it will be so “next month.” LOL, seriously just try it.
    Have a great weekend! :-)
    Honey What’s Cooking recently posted…Friday’s Favorite Things – 4.5.13My Profile

    • says

      I’ve heard amazing things about Barney’s but I’ve actually never tried it! You just can’t beat the TJ’ price tag :) I’ll keep a lookout for PB&Company’s Bees Knees.. I’m always down to try a new peanut butter!

  4. says

    I ADORE adding almond butter to my overnight oats… it makes it taste like cookie dough! GAHH so good! Also agree 100 % with AB on pancakes.. my fav too 😀 I caught myself snacking on AB with some cocoa agave syrup last night because I couldn’t fall asleep.. best DREAM in REALITY ever 😀
    Anoushé recently posted…Manicure Monday – Fierce, no FearMy Profile


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