Strawberry Spring Fever Salad


I have a fever. Whew! Thank goodness it’s the spring kind. People are posting this week’s weather forecast on facebook like it’s going out of style, so I’m sure you know all about the 72 degree spring weather coming up. spring fe·ver Noun: A feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring. Yep, I have… 

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Coconut Pancakes for One


My mouth was exploding with happiness tonight.Seriously, people.  Exploding. I had an awkward amount of coconut milk left and I’m not one to let all that deliciousness go to waste.  I wanted something sweet and coconnuty and man, these delivered.   They taste like coconut cake doughnuts with a warm crispy crust. Complete and utter perfection.  This… 

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Finals Are Bananas


Finals?  What are finals? The more appropriate question is, what do we do instead of studying for them? We grab our black bananas and bake deliciously divine chocolate chip banana bread.  It’s whole wheat and vegan, but shhhh!  You’d never know that there wasn’t a stick of butter and a cup of refined white sugar in there…. 

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Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats


It’s gray and rainy outside.  Ya know, one of those days when I wear my “waterproof” Target boots and come home with squishy, wet socks. In about a week, lots of us college kids will say goodbye to finals and rain and hello to hot sun and poolside piña coladas.   I hate to burst your bubble but that’s still a… 

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