12 Superb Soups and Chowders

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I have a serious thing for soup.


It’s no casual relationship, either. I mean I pretty much hate everything about winter except the fact that the freezing temps give me the perfect excuse to make soup like every other day. Chili, chowder, soup, stew, you name it. If it goes in a pot and turns into liquidy, slurpable goodness, I’m game.

My favorite thing about soup is that so often it’s a complete meal in a bowl. Eating lentils with spinach and potatoes can be kind of dry and not fun on its own, but add some veggie broth and rockin’ spices and the best lentil soup ever is birthed!

Soups are also a healthy eater’s BFF.  Ever heard of volumetrics? It’s pretty awesome to be able to slurp spoonful after spoonful of veggie-packed soup without packing on the calories. Now, I’m not talking about those heavy cream chowders loaded with meat, cheese, and taters. I’m talking about delish tomato-based soups loaded with veggies, beans, and warming spices. I’m also a huge fan of using cashew cream in vegan chowders to lend that velvety smoothness and add body without all the artery-clogging saturated fat (ahem, heavy cream and butter). No need to drink buttah, my friends!

For this month’s Foodie round-up, I’ve collected 12 spectacular soup recipes from some pretty amazing bloggers to jump-start your soup season. The leaves under your feet may not be bright orange and there may not be snowflakes on your nose, but soup season has most definitely arrived!

Check out 12 Superb Soups & Chowders

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