Veestro Plant-Based Gourmet Meal Delivery GIVEAWAY!

What could POSSIBLY be better than healthy meals (that just so happen to be organic, non-GMO, plant-based, and super delish) delivered right to your door step?!


Unless the UPS guy was super adorbz and covered from head to toe in 70% dark chocolate, I really don’t know how this scenario could get any more appealing.

But seriously. When the lovely folks at Veestro reached out to me about reviewing their gourmet vegan food delivery service, I was thrilled. Why yes, I would love to not have to cook for a week while still eating nutrient-dense, delicious food that fits smack dab in line with my eating philosophy. Peachy!


Like so many of us, the founders of Veestro wanted to adopt a whole foods, plant-based diet but simply didn’t have the time. They were tired of frozen meals packed to the brim with unpronounceable ingredients, loads of sodium, and funky additives. Since they couldn’t find frozen options that fit their commitment to whole foods and plant-based nutrition, they decided to create their own! They teamed up with world-class gourmet chef, Jose Aramayo, whose culinary style was inspired by fresh cuisines from the world.

Hellooo flavorful veggie fare!

Quite simply, Veestro meals, snacks, and juices are just like the ones you would make in your own home. That’s exactly what went through my head every time I took a bite of a different Veestro meal. The options were so similar to what I choose to eat on a daily basis. I loved that! Eggplant casserole, enchiladas, baked oatmeal, tofu curry, veggies burgers…I just could not get enough.


Besides the fact that the meals are all beyond tasty, free of preservatives, and packed with nutrient-dense, recognizable ingredients, I also really appreciated the nutrition information on the packaging. I liked knowing that my lentil soup had 14 grams of fiber or that my veggie burger had 19 grams of protein.

So how does it all work? In order to design your own meal plan, you simply head on over to Veestro’s website and click Build-Your-Own Bundle. You can also choose from a selection of chef-inspired meal bundles, including Low Calorie, Gluten Free, and Protein. If you’re not sure what the heck you want, the starter pack would be a great option. The meals range in price from $5.49 to $11.99. There is a minimum order of $35.

In addition to breakfasts, entrees, soups, and juices, they have awesome-looking desserts like marble tofu cheezecake and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies! Each item is vacuum-packed and fresh frozen to guarantee freshness. Your order arrives in an insulated shipping container lined with 100% recycled EPS foam and shipped with dry ice to keep the meals frozen. Another plus is that the meals are packed in 100% compostable carton trays or 100% recyclable BPA-free plastic trays and pouches.


Each product has a label with the ingredients, nutrition information, and clear cooking instructions. They can all be microwaved, but Veestro recommends using the oven or skillet. Let’s be real…I microwaved everything. No issues!

Since Veestro products have no preservatives, they last up to 8 weeks in the freezer or 2 weeks in the refrigerator. I guarantee you’ll gobble them up before they expire.

The only two perceived negatives I could think of when it comes to Veestro is that a good portion of the meals contain soy (in the form of organic tofu and tempeh) and that some may consider the meals pricey. That said, having healthy organic food delivered to your door couldn’t ever really be a cheap endeavor. And if you’re not into soy, you could easily chose the soy-free option when you design your bundle.


If I follow through with my dream job[s] of running fifty Alchemy’s, landing a spot on a national news outlet, and writing a book, I’ll def have Veestro make all my meals for me. But on a serious note, I will certainly continue to order from Veestro in the future. I mean I’m still drooling over that curry!

Are you dying to know which meals I tried?! Let’s get into it! Veestro sent me their most popular options, including…

Breakfast: three layer scramble, breakfast burrito, oatmeal breakfast pie, savory croquettes

Lunch: kale and quinoa salad, soba noodles, veggie burger patty, eggplant casserole

Dinner: red curry with tofu and veggies, risotto with butternut squash, enchilada casserole, tomato lentil soup


I kid you not when I say that everything was absolutely amazing. It all tasted significantly better than any frozen meal I’ve ever had. My all-time favorite dish was the red curry with tofu and veggies, which was the best curry I’ve ever laid mouth on, restaurant curries included! I could have eaten five of them. Another favorite was the enchilada casserole. The vegan tofu cheeeze on top looked and tasted so much like real cheese that I had to make my roommate try it and verify that it wasn’t actually cheese. The oatmeal breakfast pie was perfect for the morning and quite a nice switch from my usual smoothie routine.

The tempeh on the kale salad really hit it out of the park on the texture and flavor front. It was smoky, chewy, and incredibly satisfying. I loved how the savory flavors complemented the sweet dried fruit.

GIVEAWAY: Veestro is giving away one starter pack ($99 value) and two $50 gift cards to THREE lucky Hummusapien readers! To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter below (it may take a few seconds to load). Log-in using Facebook or an email adress, and then leave a comment telling me which meal you’re most excited to try.  Leaving a comment is mandatory to enter. To gain additional entries, follow the prompts. You can also enter HUMMUSAPIEN20 to get 20% off your order!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end next Thursday, April 23rd at 12am EST. The winner will be notified via email. The winner will also be listed in this post on April 23rd. Good luck!

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Veestro provided me with meals to sample for this review. I was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Hummusapien!

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