What I Ate Wednesday

Hello my dearies! It’s time for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday (more like what didn’t I eat Wednesday).


I started off the day with a hugh jass blueberry smoothie at Alchemy, per usual. I switched over to oatmeal for a while but I’m getting a bit tired of the texture. I also feel way better about my day when I start with a bunch of fruits and veggies.

Now that my body is used to getting up at 5am, I’m starting to get pretty hungry by 7am. Yesterday’s blend was frozen blueberries, cacao powder, hemp seeds, chia seeds, spinach, almond milk and stevia.


For lunch I grabbed a quick bowl of tuna kraut over some micro kale, spinach, and tomatoes. This stuff is AMAZING. We don’t use any mayonnaise, just local sauerkraut, apples, dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, and a bit of olive oil. Delish! I also snaked on some Shagbark tortilla chips with beet hummus and a few bites of my friend’s cornbread.


When I got home from week around 3:30 I noshed a bowl of Power O’s (my fave) with almond milk and tons of cinnamon…


Plus a flourless peanut butter banana muffin!


I took a nap before dinner and was ready to eat my arm off when I woke up, so I snacked on some jalapeño Mary’s Gone Crackers.


Dinner was some seriously yumtastic eats at Whole World, an all vegetarian restaurant. I started off with a big house salad with herb dressing followed by a vegetarian meatball sub on a house-made whole grain bun.


This meatball sub is no joke—even my carnivorous boyf adored it! The “meatballs” were a blend of tofu and eggplant tossed in a homemade sauce and finished with provolone cheese. I died.


Dessert was an oatmeal banana cookie with chocolate chips (just rolled oats and ripe banana mixed up with chocolate chips and then baked) plus a couple bites of Ally’s lemon bar.

Have a fabulous Turkey Day! See you Monday with a crazy fab recipe!

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What I Ate Wednesday

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