What I Ate Wednesday

Hola amigos! Today I had some seriously delish eats, all which were prepared ahead of time. Boom shaka laka!


Prepping a few meals and veggies on the weekends is a surefire way to keep yourself on track throughout the week. When I get to Alchemy at 545am, walk in the door at 6pm, and THEN head straight to Body Pump, you can bet your hiney that I’m not spending more than five minutes on dinner. Plus, who wants to pack a lunch that early in the morning? Since I made a couple things over the weekend, I simply grabbed a Tupperware of eats and was off.

Breakfast was a pumpkin pie smoothie with a handful of spinach and Healthy Skoop protein plus some avocado toast with micro kale, red pepper flakes, and sea salt. They’re best-selling items at Alchemy, and it’s quite easy to see why!


Lunch was quinoa fried rice with tofu…beyond tasty and super easy to make! I already had cooked quinoa on hand which made the recipe come together more quickly. I hadn’t cooked tofu in way too long, so I really appreciated this flavor combo. (I did leave out this fish sauce.)

protein bars

Snackage involved a couple fantastic pumpkin protein oat bars, which my carnivorous boyf thinks taste like cake. I don’t hate it!


I also noshed on some lentil veggie soup that I made for Alchemy today. It’s basically my hearty lentil, kale and potato soup plus spinach and tomatoes and minus and potatoes.


I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was that I had my lentil, kale and salsa verde enchiladas (sub pinto beans) ready to go in the fridge. I topped them with lots of salsa and ate them with boring steamed broccoli (all I had on hand) and hummus with hot sauce, duh.


I had a hankering for cereal after dinner so I dove into my Love Grown stash. I have recently become majorly obsessed with this company! They make delish oatmeal, granola, and cereal, all with fabulously clean ingredient lists. I’m in love (no pun intended) with their Power O’s, which is literally cereal made with chickpeas, navy beans, lentils, and brown rice that tastes like Cheerios.

Did I mention that it has 4g of fiber and 6g of protein per serving? Dreamy! I added cinnamon and a bit of their Simply Oats granola with lots of almond milk. It was the perfect bedtime snack! Have a great Wednesday!

Quinoa and Kale Salad

Quinoa & Kale Salad

If you’re gonna eat kale, you should probably eat it in this sensationally superb salad. This salad is da bomb because it’s looks all kaley but doesn’t taste all kaley. Because it sounds like rabbit food but doesn’t taste like rabbit food.  I mean holy moly….this ensalada is a downright dream boat. A real treat for the… 

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Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.38.39 AM

My Favorite Food Blogs

I read a helluva lot of blogs. Like ALL the blogs. Reading so many incredibly beautiful food blogs was what inspired me not only to start my own blog three years ago, but to begin my whole plant-based food journey as well. I love that the bloggers I’ve look up to for years are now writing phenomenal cookbooks…. 

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What I Ate Wednesday

Sorry I’m posting a bit late today! I usually write these on Tuesday evenings but what can I say…all the Scandal and kale popcorn had me a wee bit distracted. Ever since I’ve been opening Alchemy at 5am, breakfast has become a smoothie on the go in this convenient little Healthy Skoop shaker bottle. This mix… 

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Banana Cacao Avocado Acai Bowl

Banana Cacao Avocado Acai Bowl

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