Foodie Fave: Green Bean Delivery

There’s nothing more exciting than coming home to a big honking box of organic produce on your doorstep waiting to be devoured.


Unless a hunky personal chef popped out of the box, too. That would definitely be more exciting.

I originally chatted with Green Bean Delivery because one of my nutrition counseling clients was building her meal plan around the produce she was receiving that week from them. A company that delivers local and/or organic produce and natural groceries? Do tell me more!

I’ve never belonged to a CSA, so I was super excited about this. Green Bean Delivery is an online grocery delivery service started by a couple who wanted to help the community gain access to healthy, sustainable, and local foods. In order to fight food insecurity, they’ve donated over 550,000 pounds of fresh produce to community food banks and paid a whopping 10 million dollars directly to family farms since 2007. In addition to working with local farmers to strengthen the local food system, they also operate two certified organic 60-acre farms of their own. How awesome is that?


Green Bean Delivery is super personalized. You decide how often you want your order (I did bi-weekly), which you can cancel or postpone if need be. There’s no sign-up fee or delivery fee, and you can stop ordering at any time.

They deliver to neighborhoods in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. Check out the discount code on your first order at the end of this post!

There’s always a suggested bin full of produce (the minimum produce order is $35) that you can then customize and add groceries (think natural meats, cheeses, local beverages, nuts, snacks, etc.) if you’d like. Click here to checkout the online store!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.03.22 PM

Your order is delivered right to your door in a big green bin packed with ice. Deliveries are made Tuesday through Friday from noon to 8pm, and you don’t have to be home at the time of delivery. Score for those of us that are like, never home.

For my first order, I got one bunch lacinto kale, 8oz crimini mushrooms, one bunch of romaine lettuce, 2 lbs beets, 2 lbs sweet potatoes, one bunch broccoli, broccoli sprouts, Andy’s local falafel, and my favorite local R.A.W Real & Worthful red pepper herb crackers.

IMG_1758aaFor my second order, I got one onion, one bunch celery, two bunches broccoli, four gala apples, two red bell peppers, 8oz crimini mushrooms, one yellow bell pepper, one navel orange, one romanesco, one bunch lacinto kale, and one romanesco. It was all organic. I also got a 32oz jar of local Carfagna’s pasta sauce and a package of Hodgkin’s Mill whole-wheat spaghetti from the grocery section.

I really loved getting local produce and natural groceries from Green Bean Delivery. It was super fast, very easy to use, and all the produce was high-quality. I enjoyed trying new produce that I wouldn’t normally purchase, like Braeburn apples, rainbow carrots, and romanesco. The only con is the prices on some produce. I only buy a few items organic due to my budget (celery, apples, and spinach mostly), so I’m not used to those prices. However, I know they are very similar to organic prices at regular grocery stores, plus it’s delivered to your door!


Be sure to also check out their fun nutrition and recipe section, Healthy Times.

If you live in a delivery area (you can check on their website), you can use the code “mc3hmpn25” for $15 off your first order*. Click HERE to sign up!

*Offer expires three months from today (May 26th, 2015) and is good for new members and reactivations only.

Disclosure: Green Bean Delivery provided me with 4 complimentary produce bins in exchange for an honest review of their services. I was not compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.


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